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About Southern Palm Zen Group

The Southern Palm Zen Group is comprised of people who have come together to build personal and community wisdom through Zen practice. We do so through Zazen (meditation), traditional Zen services, retreats, study groups, social gatherings, and service to others.

Our primary practice form is taken from the Zen tradition but we draw on the insights of other disciplines. The intention is to use the form, like the banks of a river, to direct or awaken the flow of ancient and contemporary wisdom for ourselves and the world we are part of.

At the heart of Zen is not theory, dogma, or belief. However, there is one request: to practice Zazen, a form of meditation which allows people to discover the link which binds them to the presence in themselves and all beings.

Although Zen practice is hundreds of years old, it addresses contemporary questions by bringing extraordinary attention to the midst of so-called “ordinary” circumstances. This practice can transform how we view our lives and how we interact with others.

We welcome personal calls that could assist you in learning about our practice.

This quote from Jean-Claude Lubtchansky, French Film maker, reflects our structure and climate.

“Here there are no leaders only pupils who share sincerely their experience. Presence is the Teacher. Otherwise, work becomes just talking about ideas and old forms of work. No transmission when it is not lived.

To build a community, visualize each other, caring for each other, never
speaking ill of another, not judging each other but wishing for the inner
welfare and growth of all. If I can see myself, I can see yours too, because both are of one Being.


This is a preparation for love’s triumph over fear in the world.“

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