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Sangha Leadership

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Jane Jishin Faysash
Guiding Teacher


Jishin Sensei first encountered Zen Buddhism at a retreat given by Robert Kennedy Roshi, based on his book Zen Spirit, Christian Spirit.  This led to meeting Doshin Sensei and the Southern Palm Zen Group in 2001, where she began her Zen studies in earnest.     Doshin introduced her to the group's vital and nourishing prison outreach program.  In addition to offering Buddhist teachings to the  local prison facility, Jishin helped establish a secular mindfulness group inside the  prison facility and in the southern Palm Beach County community.    Jishin received transmission from Doshin in 2014 .  Her intention is to pass on Doshin's legacy to current and future members of the sangha both inside and outside the fence. .


Gary Zochi Faysash

Zochi Hoshi began Zen practice concurrently with Jishin in 2001.  He was attracted to contemplative practice through the writings of Thomas Merton and other Christian mystics.  Since receiving jukai and later priest ordination, Zochi has been active in the prison outreach program as a  chapel volunteer teaching and mentoring Buddhist inmates in a nearby correctional institute. He is a Sangha teacher and  Administrative Consultant for the Southern Palm Zen Group.  His teacher is Mitchell Doshin Cantor Sensei from whom he received Denkai as a senior priest in 2017.


Ann Geido Grossman


Geido Hoshi began Buddhist practice in 1997, sitting with local groups near her Bucks County Pennsylvania home. The desire to bring her practice off the cushion led her to embrace the “Foundations in Buddhist Chaplaincy” program at the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care in 2006. It was there she was introduced to Zen practice at Village Zendo and became a student of Roshi Enkyo O’Hara. She received Jukai in 2010, and was ordained as a Zen Buddhist Chaplain in 2014. Geido relocated to Florida in 2017, and became a member of the Southern Palm Zen Group. Under the guidance of Sensei Jane Jishin Faysash, Geido’s practice path turned towards serving the Sangha as Priest. She received Tokudo in November of 2019  and Denkai in May 2023.  Geido resides in Delray Beach with her husband, Bernie, and their cat, Izzy.


Local Sangha Leadership

Roshin, Sangha Administrator, and Geido, Head Priest,  work closely together to create a rich program of study and ritual for the in person and online sessions of the sangha. They also coordinate the care of Hirayama-ji, the formal zendo.  Recently Jishin empowered them as dharma holders in a ceremony called Denkai. 

 Roshin and Geido are part of the Hirayama-ji Guiding Council which includes Jishin, Zochi, Heiryu (recently ordained priest who resides in England),  Yuki and Hoetsu, who are our Prison Outreach Team.

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