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A Distorted View of Indivuality

A Distorted View of Individuality, by M. Horaku

Each of us and everything around us is a beautiful, complete manifestation of the Silent Self here in the realm of form (the Relative).  We are an individual wave in the ocean.  The reason for this is because the Absolute realm (emptiness) cannot know Itself without the Relative realm (form) and the Relative cannot know Itself without the Absolute.  This is the subject/object duality of Reality as-it-is. What our “goal” or “destination” or “purpose” in this life is is to realize we are the embodiment of both.  We are a complete manifestation of emptiness and form, and this realization deepens–we become more awake–the merging of the two causes our individuality to live in complete harmony with life as-it-is.  (What we come to see is that everything else is already living life as-it-is).

The distortion of this Truth is when I, an individual wave of the ocean, starts to believe that I am COMPLETELY separate from the other waves.  When did this start?  Why did it start?  I don’t know and I don’t believe it’s the issue needing to be answered.  The path we are on is there so that we can see Individuality for what it is really is: A manifestation of the Silent Self so that the silent Self can know Itself.  All possibilities that exist potentially in the Absolute find their expression in the Relative.  I can be a Tidal Wave or Shorebreak.  Each expression is complete in and of Itself but does not stand apart from all other expressions.  My individuality means I am Free to be who I have manifested as in respectful relation to everything else.

Too many students of the Way view the Silent Self as “good” and the ego as “bad.”  Then, throw in the concept of Individuality and students equate it with ego; then start searching for the Oneness of the Absolute by negating the Individuality of form.  Please don’t mistake my finger for the moon.  Sure, you have to see past the ego of us all to see clearly the oneness of everything and everyone that is no other than our true nature, but you cannot throw out the individuality of the Relative thinking it does not belong with the Absolute. Cast all your preferences aside and the Way stands clear and undisguised.  You will know what you are by who you are, and who you are is the Mystery living a life full of Mystery.


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