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An excerpt from “The Art of Letting Go” by Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo

“When we say that the mind goes here or there, it’s not really the mind that goes.  Only concepts go.  Concepts are like shadows of the mind.  If the body is still, how will its shadow move?  The movement of the body is what causes the shadow to move, and when the shadow moves, how will you catch hold of it?  Shadows are hard to catch, hard to shake off, hard to set still.   The awareness that forms the present: That’s the true mind.  The awareness that goes chasing after concepts is just a shadow.  Real awareness – ‘knowing’ – stays in place.  It doesn’t stand,walk, come, or go.   As for the mind – the awareness that doesn’t act in any way coming or going, forward or back – it’s quiet and unperturbed. ” (Keeping the Breath in Mind, pg. 38)

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