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Constancy (Zen Mind, Beginners Mind) page 83 Comments by Wilbur Mushin Sensei

Dozan’s landscape is famous for its misty mountains and rivers.  But when you go there, you see only rocks and water. Empty of all attributes.  That’s it.

The real beauty is in the mysterious flow of life, the constant coming and going.

Mona Lisa’s smile is frozen for half a millennium. Capturing the image of ineffable beauty.  That’s what poetry and painting does, the mind creating an image, whenever  every smiling face expresses in a unique way buddha nature, lighting up for a moment.  Just this! Even a sad face is equally an expression of buddha nature, alive, true to the moment, true to the self.–

All appearances, for the shortest time, magnificent magic, after a flash of enlightenment returns to emptiness.

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