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Mushin’s declaration of independence

Comments on Suzuki’s  Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, chapter on “Control”


“To give your sheep or cow a large spacious meadow is the way to control him (page 31).”

When you take freedom away, freedom will be taken away from you.  What you try to control will control you.  You will be controlled by your fears, anxieties, desires.

From beginningless time we have a free mind.  That’s our inalienable birthright.

Nothing can bind you.  Nothing from outside can set you free either: no gods, masters, sutras.

Our mind is free flowing.  Express it freely. Not holding back anything. Giving yourself completely to the moment.  Being it.

Life ever expands take it to the limitless horizon.

Let nothing confine you.—

In zazen not controlling your thoughts or feelings.  No separation. Let them roam freely like the cows in the meadow.

They find their own way and finally will settle down. That’s the way of controlling them.

In the end everything will be in peace.

But be watchful. When one thought takes over and runs away with you. Gently rein it in.  That’s prajna wisdom, guidance from within, not control from without.

Wilbur Mushin May

Mushin with the Happy Buddha at Morkami

Mushin with the Happy Buddha at Morkami

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