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Ordinary Mind, Buddha Mind

Wilbur Mushin May

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July 16, 2016

Joshu’s question: What is the Way? (page 11).

Ordinary mind is the way.

Ordinary activity, every day, from morning to night.

Eliminating any separation between you and what you are doing.—

In this hot weather some people complain: Awful, Awful!

As Zen students, we learn living your life as is.  Not complaining, escaping, and looking for support elsewhere.  Standing up (by yourself) under difficulties, like our zazen posture. Seeing, feeling things as they are, as your life: That is Buddha Mind.

That makes you strong, resilient, and flexible.  This is our practice. Why is it so difficult? Being available, receiving totally, what is, you realize you are indestructible—Buddha Mind.

Being in the experience and with it as a human being.

Going beyond it—as Buddha.

All in no separation:

This is taking refuge in the Buddha in yourself

Extending your life,

Exploring your ever boundless, ordinary activity.

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