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Paradox and Poetic Expression by Mushin May Sensei

Tonight, in our study of “The Essential Dogen,” we reach the summit of Dogen’s writing: his poems enshrouded in paradox.

Listening with a still mind, we can see the paradox of the universe, we can feel the paradox of the universe.

Sensing the creative tension of apparent opposites – the dragon singing in a withered tree – we are finally released in total wonderment. Seeing the big picture of the universe, where there is no more struggle and all contradictions live peacefully side by side, we can make peace within ourselves and with the universe, where everything has its place, including us.

We rest in awe as all contradictions dissolve in this moment of reality. As with music, you have a crescendo, a build up of tension, a climax and a finale where everything comes to rest in silence.

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