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The world goes round and round

The world goes round and round and every so often something comes back into your life most unexpectedly.  This, for me, is just another reason to be kind, generous, and professional in all ways in my life.  One of my clients called me up and asked me to contact someone he was working with because he wanted some team building training and some other things in his medical office and my friend knew I could help with both.  When I phoned up the office to make an appointment with the office manager and administrative assistant we got talking and I realized that I had worked for Dr. Geraldo 20 years ago as a medical transcriptionist when I was teaching medical transcription at the local vocational technical school near by.

I was grateful for the work then and I am grateful for the work now. As Norman Fischer says in his book Training in Compassion “So to practice Be grateful to everyone is to train in this profound understanding.  It is to cultivate every day this sense of gratitude, the happiest of all attitudes.  Unhappiness and gratitude simply cannot exist in the same moment.  If you feel grateful, you are a happy person (page 55).”

It is a good thing that I did a good job for him and that I left on good terms.  It will be great fun working with him again and getting to meet his new office manager–his daughter!  I worked with his wife who was then the office manager.  It is another validation that good comes back around when you look forward to it and when you stay grateful  in each moment on each job. When you are giving your all with compassion, kindness, and gratefulness you can never go wrong and more good, of course, will come your way.

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