This Ordinary Moment by Horaku

Within this Ordinary Moment calmly sits the Stillness of Samadhi every activity performed mindfully skillfully preaches the Totality of It.

Within the Ordinary Moment be mindful of Universal respect for your whole life lovingly reflects the Stillness that constantly moves It.

Within this Ordinary Moment become intimate with What Is And how can you ever know Just This unless in the Oneness, you see all of It.

Within this Ordinary Moment without doing, simply resist nothing merge once again with everything And see where the mind dwells in It.

Within this Ordinary Moment prajna patiently awaits to guide the journey nobody takes and show the beautiful emptiness of It.

Within this Ordinary Moment contemplate who enters playful samadhi of action that’s truly transforming, becoming liberated from the karma within It.

Within this Ordinary Moment happiness should be carried lightly for calamity is suddenly heavy when someone is there to bear It.

Bah! Mind is monkey business.

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