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By Kogetsu

Beautiful lovely tree

You stand so tall and free

I wish like you I could be

Do you suffer dear tree

The winds come, the storms blow, the snow sometimes your boughs break.

Tell me, do you suffer like me

No my dear friend

I do not suffer

I be

I sway with the storms and bend with the snow but suffering is not for me

You see my friend

Suffering only comes from thoughts, of which I am free

My purpose is to provide clean air, for you, you see.

As your sole purpose is to provide Co2 for me

A part of Life is all that we are

You and me

Its only when we think we have to do or achieve

Is when we suffer and plea

There is nothing to do but just be.

Try it and you will see.

Have no preference for pain or glee.

Breathe, produce food for me.

That's all there is

To be

As I am already taking caring of thee


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