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Seeing the Moon

Shodo Harada in his wonderful book, Moon by the Window: The Calligraphy and Zen Insights of Shodo Harada, wrote:

Those who have realized deep awakening know how to live each day. But how do we go about it? What’s the best way to live so that our life has value for all beings?

Our Original Mind is like that of a newborn baby. When we live in that naturally clear Mind, just as it is, that’s everyday mind; that’s the Path. But when our mind is filled with ideas and prejudices, perceptions about economics, politics, and social issues, how can we see clearly? If we could all live from a place of ordinary, everyday mind, we would have no need for religion and education and laws. When we are not concerned with anything at all, this moment is always the best time and season. If we encounter a crisis or catastrophe, that’s fine; when we die, that’s okay too. Instead of seeing this as good or bad, we know that that’s how it is. When we reach the end of our life, we can’t keep on living just because we aren’t ready to die. We must realize this deepest source, not to prevent physical death, but that we might live a life in which dying is only one of many things that come along (page 201).”


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