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Viral Confinement

"I just finished rereading the Hsin Hsin Ming and I had forgot how deep it got into oneness. It was a good reminder of being in the middle way we try to walk and it was right on time for me because being in an open bay dorm, it's easy to label people instead of just seeing them for what they are not for what they should or could be. I've had a lot of learning experiences since this virus has us stuck with those we room with everyday. We don't get a chance to experience this in normal times. True we live with them everyday but we had work to go to, so we had time away from them, and back then I was in a two-man cell, so you could close yourself away from a lot of them. You only had to deal closely with your roommate. So a lot of positive has come out of this situation we are in now. That's it from my side of the fence. May peace & harmony fill you in your day! Bows, D.D."


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